What Is AI Video Editing (2023)? Transform The Way You Create!

AI video editing is a revolutionary new way of editing video content. It uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically edit videos according to your specifications, making the entire process easier, cheaper, and faster than ever before.

What is AI Video Editing

You can even use AI video generators like Synthesia to help you create talking head videos without you having to appear, if you’re camera shy!

I remember when I was working a side hustle as a runner (dogsbody basically!) on film and music video sets, and after the director finished the filming, he would say the main task that lay ahead was the time-consuming editing.

This was many years ago, and though still an intense process, it can now be done much faster and more accurately with AI software for video creators.

This technology allows you to quickly create professional videos without needing to be an expert.

The AI video editor program also allows adding special effects and background music with just a few clicks. Not only that, but it can also help you save time by automatically optimizing your videos for different devices and platforms.

You may have noticed how AI upscaling software is now so powerful you can easily upscale to 4K or even 8K for an amazing finished video 🙂

So, whether you’re a professional filmmaker wanting to speed up your work, trying to make your social media videos more fun, or a business owner hoping to make great videos without spending a lot of money, AI video editing could be just what you need.


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What is AI Video Editing?

Vector about video editing show man at desk with computer

Altering and organizing video clips to produce a final product is known as video editing. This procedure involves choosing, trimming, and organizing shots to form a logical narrative or convey a specific message.

AI Video Editing takes this process one step further by using algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze footage and identify the best clips for a specific scene.

AI video editors can also be used to assist with the correction of lighting, color grading, and sound mixing. This helps produce a more polished final product that looks professional and has a consistent look throughout.

AI editing tools are also becoming increasingly popular as they allow content creators to automate certain aspects of the video editing process, such as trimming clips or adding transitions between scenes.

AI content creation is revolutionizing the field of video editing, offering intuitive, user-friendly tools that automate and simplify complex processes.

InVideo, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Lumen5 are examples of AI software that leverage AI to provide features such as automatic script generation, text-to-video editing, and content-to-video conversion, significantly enhancing the video production experience.

These tools use machine learning algorithms to automatically select the best parts of your footage so you don’t have to spend time manually selecting them yourself.

They also offer features such as automatic color correction, noise reduction, and audio mixing, which saves you time when creating your videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro includes Adobe Sensei, another great editing tool using generative AI. Check out the example below on how you can easily remove backgrounds, people, and just about anything you can think of!

Adobe Content Aware Object Removal of Graffiti on Wall

A video editing tool using AI software provides many benefits for content creators, including saving time on the tedious tasks you would rather not do, such as selecting clips or adjusting colors!

By automating these processes, you can focus on the creative aspects of your projects while leaving the grunt work up to AI 🙂

The Benefits of Using AI for Video Editing

These AI video editors are getting more powerful and can seriously reduce your time spent on editing and help you compete with the pros!

Check out these benefits:

Efficient Workflow

This software is a serious time-saver. It streamlines the editing process by automatically organizing your footage, balancing audio levels, and correcting color imbalances. This means you can focus more on the creative aspects of your project and less on the time-consuming technical stuff.

User-Friendly Tools

Despite sounding high-tech, AI software is designed to be pretty easy to use. These tools have intuitive interfaces, which means even if you’re new to video editing, you can start producing high-quality videos without a steep learning curve.

Intelligent Recommendations

One of the key benefits of AI in video editing is that it can analyze your footage and make intelligent suggestions, like the best cuts or effects to use. It’s like having a seasoned editor guiding you through the process, helping you make the most out of your footage.

Self-Learning Features

No, I’m not talking about the Terminator!

These tools are designed to learn from your edits. Over time, they can better understand your preferences and style, offering more personalized recommendations. The more you use them, the better they get at helping you create videos that align with your vision.

Automated Adjustments

AI can automatically stabilize shaky footage, adjust poor lighting, and balance uneven audio, ensuring your final product is polished and professional. It takes care of these common issues without manually tweaking each element.

Customization Options

While AI does much of the work, you still control the final product. You can modify the AI’s edits to suit your needs, allowing you to keep your personal touch in your videos.

AI Video Editing Techniques

Let’s check out some of the editing wizardry that this software can do:

  • Automated Video Editing: AI can analyze and edit videos rapidly, reducing the burden of manual editing and allowing human editors to focus on creative aspects.
  • Improved Workflow and Productivity: AI-powered tools can categorize and organize footage efficiently, making it easier for editors to locate the right clips quickly.
  • Enhanced Color Correction and Grading: AI algorithms can quickly process color, brightness, and contrast data, simplifying the color correction and grading processes and improving the results.
  • Object Recognition and Tracking: AI can identify and track objects in the footage, enabling editors to add graphics or text overlays that move along with people or objects in the video, like in this example from Adobe below.

Adobe Sensei Tracking Clip
  • Intelligent Scene Selection and Video Montage: AI can analyze footage and select the best shots, aiding editors in creating more engaging and dynamic videos.
  • Dynamic Text and Graphics Overlays: AI tools can automatically generate text and graphics overlays, enhancing the visual appeal of videos.
  • Content-aware Editing: AI can remove unwanted elements from a video, resulting in a more polished final product.
  • Motion Tracking: AI can stabilize moving objects in a video, resulting in smoother footage.
  • Automatic Multicamera Video Editing: AI can sync and edit footage from multiple camera angles, making multicamera projects far more manageable.
  • Automated Speech-to-Text Transcription: AI can transcribe spoken words into text in real-time, aiding in the creation of captions and subtitles.

Examples of AI Video Editing Tools

Below are some of the most popular video editing tools powered by AI on the market today:

1. Invideo

InVideo Online Editing

Have you ever wanted to create professional-quality videos without the fuss? InVideo.io is your go-to solution! It’s user-friendly and packed with over 5000 customizable templates suitable for any platform, industry, or content type.

Even if you’re a newbie, you can make publish-worthy videos from day one. With single-click shortcuts, you can easily add your brand’s flair to your content, whether it’s through colors, fonts, or even background removal.

And let’s not forget about the AI-powered features that turn your articles into videos in minutes.

InVideo.io is not just about creating videos – it’s about creating video experiences. You can animate, add voiceovers or text-to-speech, use bespoke graphic assets, and even collaborate with your team, all in one place.

Plus, there’s an enormous library of over 8 million stock media assets at your fingertips. InVideo.io is not just for your computer – with the mobile app, you can make videos on the go using exclusive filters, effects, and transitions.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a high-end suite of tools that allows both beginners and seasoned creators to edit their videos like pros.

It’s not just about trimming and crafting videos but also about adding your personal touch with transitions, effects, and color enhancement.

The magic really starts with its unique text-based editing – it’s as simple as editing text. Just generate a transcript, find your dialogue, cut and paste, and see your story take shape​.

For social media enthusiasts, Premiere Pro has automatic caption creation powered by AI to boost engagement​. You can also mix audio and music for the perfect soundtrack right within the application.

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 Video

Lumen5 is an AI video editing software that easily creates engaging videos from text, audio, and images. With it’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful AI tools, you can quickly create professional-looking videos with minimal effort.

The software also offers a range of features, such as automatic video editing, custom branding options, and the ability to add music and sound effects.

It also provides detailed analytics so you can track the performance of your videos in real time. With its user-friendly design and powerful features, Lumen5 is a great tool for creating high-quality videos quickly and efficiently.

4. Flexclip

FlexClip Editor

FlexClip is an online video editor and video maker that makes creating videos quick and easy.

With FlexClip, you can add text, music, animations, and more effects to your videos with just a few clicks. It also offers 1080p Full-HD downloads, unlimited stock videos per project, and the ability to save unlimited projects online.

It’s perfect for beginners who want to create professional-quality videos quickly without the steep learning curve of other editing software.

Wrapping Up

So I hope I’ve answered your question about “what is AI video editing?”

AI technology is revolutionizing the video editing industry, making it easier for anyone to create high-quality videos. With AI-powered tools, you can quickly process large amounts of footage and automatically generate stunning videos with minimal effort.

From automated video editing to improved color correction, motion tracking, and more, there’s no limit to what AI can do in the video editing space.

And the good news is, they’re only going to improve, despite how amazing they are already 🙂

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