Best Instagram Marketing Tools (2023): Skyrocket Your Profits

If you want to maximize your social media presence, Instagram is the place to be. With over a billion active users and counting, it’s no wonder the platform has become a staple in every digital marketer’s toolbox. But with so much competition out there, how do you stand out from the crowd and achieve rapid growth?

Best Instagram Marketing Tools

Hi, and welcome to this post, where I have researched and tested a variety of software for marketing on Instagram. Obviously, many of these can help you with other social media platforms as well, but here I’m focussing on Instagram 🙂

Well, the key is having the right Instagram marketing strategy and, more importantly, the right tools to execute it effectively. That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive list to help you find the best marketing tool to suit your needs.

From scheduling to analytics to content creation, these tools will help you take your Instagram game to the next level. Keeping up with the latest trends and staying engaged with your Instagram followers is essential to having a successful Instagram feed.

So whether you’re a seasoned Instagram pro or just getting started with your Instagram account, read on to discover the must-have social media platforms and post tools to boost your engagement, reach, and overall success on the platform in the coming year.

The Best Instagram Marketing Tools

1. Pallyy

Best overall

Pallyy Homepage


Pallyy is a powerful social media management tool that helps businesses and individuals manage their social media accounts in one place and an excellent marketing tool.

I especially like the fact that it offers an easy-to-use interface with sophisticated features, such as scheduling posts, managing conversations, and tracking analytics.

Pallyy also provides a powerful social inbox and built-in collaboration tools to help users stay organized and connected.

Key Features & Benefits

Pallyy Features

  • Powerful Social Scheduling: With Pallyy, you can easily schedule posts across multiple platforms
  • Analytics & Insights: Get detailed insights into your followers’ engagement with your content so you can optimize your strategy for maximum impact
  • Collaboration Tools: Easily collaborate with team members on projects with built-in tools like task management and comment threads
  • Social Inbox: Keep track of all your conversations in one place with the powerful social inbox feature
  • Automation: Automate tasks like post scheduling and content curation to save time and resources
  • Content Curation: Find relevant content from around the web to share on your social channels quickly and easily
  • Customizable Dashboard: Create a custom dashboard to monitor key performance metrics in real-time


Pallyy Pricing

Pallyy has two main pricing bands, Free and Premium. The Premium plan also has a 14-day free trial.

The Free plan is perfect for beginners and includes basic features like scheduling, analytics & insights, content curation, and more. For a more comprehensive feature set, the Premium plan offers access to additional features like bulk scheduling, team collaboration tools, and more users.

  • Free: $0
  • Premium: £15/month

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Powerful analytics & insights
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Automation capabilities
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Limited customization options
  • Customer support needs improvement

My Take

There is a lot to like here and a great pricing plan, which is why it’s my top pick.

Overall, Pallyy is an incredibly powerful tool for managing your Instagram and other social media accounts. It offers a range of features that make it easy to boost your engagement and reach, as well as powerful analytics and insights to track your performance. Plus, its affordable pricing plans make it an attractive option for any budget.

2. SocialPilot

Best for social media managers

SocialPilot Homepage


SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media management and analytics tool that helps businesses increase brand awareness and drive traffic. It provides tailored automation for marketers, making it easier to manage their social media presence.

With SocialPilot, you can easily customize and schedule posts, track performance, and analyze data from multiple accounts in one place.

Key Features & Benefits

SocialPilot Features

  • Automate content sharing: Easily schedule your Instagram posts and share them across multiple social media accounts
  • Monitor performance: Track your posts’ engagement and analyze data from multiple accounts in one place
  • Increase brand awareness: Reach a wider audience by managing multiple accounts at once and engaging with followers across different platforms
  • Save time: Automate the scheduling process so you can focus on other important tasks
  • Customize content: Create custom content that resonates with your target audience
  • Analyze data: Get insights into how your campaigns are performing so you can make informed decisions about future strategies


SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot has four main pricing plans with a 14-day free trial on all plans. The below prices include a 15% discount for paying annually.

  • Professional: $25.50/month
  • Small Team: $42.50/month
  • Agency: $85.00/month
  • Agency+: $170.00/month

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Advanced analytics tools for tracking performance
  • Ability to schedule your Instagram post with images


  • Support needs improving
  • No free plan

My Take

SocialPilot is an excellent social media management platform that can help you save time and effort when it comes to managing your social media accounts. It offers a wide range of features, including collaboration, scheduling, analytics, and more.

I also think the pricing is also very reasonable for the number of features offered. So overall, SocialPilot is a great choice for anyone looking to streamline their social media management process.

3. Later

Best Scheduling Tool

Later Homepage


Introducing Later, the all-in-one social media management platform for every social network. With Later, you can plan, analyze, and publish content in advance to save time and maximize your reach.

Later can help you streamline your workflow and make it so much easier to schedule, manage and grow your social media presence.

Key Features & Benefits

Later Features

  • Plan ahead: Schedule posts (including Instagram Reels) in advance to stay organized and consistent on social media
  • Analyze performance: Track your post performance with analytics so you can optimize your content strategy
  • Publish from anywhere: Post from any device or location with Later’s mobile app or desktop browser extension
  • Link in bio tool: Add links to your Instagram bio with ease and track clicks with built-in analytics
  • Automation tools: Automate tasks like hashtag research, post scheduling, and more to save time
  • Collaboration features: Invite team members to collaborate on campaigns and manage permissions easily


Later Pricing Plans

Later has three pricing plans, and you can have a free 14-day trial with all of them. You can also get two months free by paying yearly.

  • Growth: $40/month
  • Advanced: $80/month
  • Scale: $200

Pros & Cons


  • The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to plan ahead for social media posts
  • The Mobile app allows you to post from anywhere at any time
  • The link in bio tool helps you add links to your Instagram profile quickly and easily
  • Hashtag Analysis Tool helps you discover the most relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts


  • Limited analytics features compared to other platforms
  • No free plan

My Take

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your Instagram accounts, Later is the perfect platform for you. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful analytics tools, Later makes it easy to plan, analyze, and publish content in advance so you can save time and maximize engagement with your followers.

Plus, with their mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, you can access Later anytime, anywhere.

4. Tailwind

Best for small business owners

Tailwind Homepage


Tailwind is primarily known as a Pinterest tool, but it also offers Instagram scheduling tools and analytics capabilities, plus features like smart hashtags and hashtag lists.

If you’re looking for a simplified solution to increase engagement, reach more followers, and save time on Instagram marketing, look no further than Tailwind. This scheduling and analytics Instagram tool is the secret weapon that successful social media marketers keep up their sleeves.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Tailwind intelligently schedules your posts for the most optimal time, ensuring your content reaches your desired audience at the right moment
  • You can easily track your Instagram analytics to monitor your post engagement and follower growth with Tailwind
  • Hashtag organization and analysis are crucial to Instagram marketing. Tailwind simplifies the process by suggesting the best hashtags for your content and keeping them organized
  • The AI-powered ghostwriter can create lightning-fast copy that saves you valuable time
  • Multiple users can collaborate on the same Tailwind account, streamlining teamwork and improving productivity
  • The customer support team is responsive and friendly


Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind has four pricing tiers if you include the free option! The prices below are for the yearly billing option, which saves you 20%.

  • Free Forever: $0 (no credit card)
  • Pro: $12.99 /mo
  • Advanced: $19.99 /mo
  • Max: $39.99 /mo

Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Analytics tools help you track post engagement and follower growth over time
  • Suggests the most relevant hashtags for your content
  • I love the AI-powered ghostwriter to create copy quickly
  • Multiple user collaboration features are perfect for teams


  • Tailwind can feel a bit pricey, especially when you consider that it’s only for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Occasionally, the AI writing tool needs more prompts for quality output
  • There’s a learning curve when it comes to utilizing all of Tailwind’s features

My Take

Tailwind is a great solution for small businesses looking to streamline their Instagram marketing. With their all-in-one marketing management tool, you can schedule posts on multiple platforms.

Its generative AI copywriter creates engaging content, and you can even organize Instagram giveaways to boost engagement and attract new followers. Plus, with affordable pricing options, there’s no reason not to try it out!

5. Iconosquare

Best for Agencies

Iconosquare Homepage


Iconosquare is a comprehensive Instagram analytics platform that provides in-depth data on your followers, posts, and engagement rates, as well as customized reports and tools to optimize your Instagram content strategy.

This social media analytics tool is the perfect choice for agencies and businesses looking to take their Instagram marketing to the next level. It’s also great for brands who want to track competitors or influencers on the platform.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Audience Analysis: Iconosquare gives you access to a deep dive into your followers and their interests, allowing you to create better targeted campaigns
  • Comprehensive Post Performance Insights: Track the performance of all your posts, including top-performing content, Instagram stories, and engagement rates
  • Automated Reporting Tools: Create customized reports and track your progress over time
  • Competitor & Influencer Analysis: Follow competitors and influencers to gain insights into their strategies and tactics
  • Smart Suggestions: Get tailored advice on how to optimize your content strategy
  • Scheduling Tools: Schedule posts in advance for optimal reach and engagement


Iconosquare Pricing

Iconosqure has three pricing bands, a 14-day free trial on all plans, and up to a 22% discount if you pay annually.

  • Pro: $49
  • Advanced: $79
  • Enterprise: $139

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a comprehensive platform for social media management
  • Provides detailed reporting and analysis of social media performance
  • Helps businesses improve their engagement with followers and grow their brand


  • Occasional bugs and glitches in the platform
  • No free plan

My Take

Iconosquare is a powerful social media analytics tool that can help businesses, agencies, and influencers to better understand their audience and optimize their Instagram content strategy. With a detailed analysis of your followers, posts, and engagement rates, you can create tailored content that resonates with your target audience.

6. Canva

Best for design on a budget

Canva Homepage


Are you an Instagram marketer looking to take your content to the next level? This powerful design tool has everything you need to craft eye-catching Instagram stories, posts, and ads, all with special filters, illustrations, and stickers that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s actually my go-to design tool, and you are able to do anything you can think of to get personalized images for your marketing. I use it for all my featured images on this site 🙂

Key Features & Benefits

  • Canva is a free online tool that offers hundreds of professionally-designed templates to get you started
  • You can easily customize templates by adding your own images, text, and branding elements
  • It offers a range of design options, from fonts and icons to illustrations and stock photos, to bring your designs to life
  • With Canvas mobile app, you can create and edit designs on the go, perfect for those last-minute social media posts
  • The desktop app allows for seamless design with multiple tabs open, freeing up your browser for other tasks
  • Canva even offers additional tools, such as Magic Design for AI-assisted design and a Mockup Generator for creating product mockups


Canva Pricing Plans

Canva has three pricing plans, including the free version and a 16% discount for annual billing (shown below).

  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $119.99
  • Teams: $300

Pros and Cons


  • Canva is super user-friendly and accessible to those with no design experience
  • The range of templates and design elements saves time on design and ensures a professional-looking final product
  • Canva offers multiple ways to access the tool, including a desktop app and a mobile app


  • Limited choices with the free version
  • It can be slow to load, especially with large files

My Take

Overall, Canva is a game-changing tool for Instagram marketers looking to step up their design game quickly and easily. Check it out and see the difference in your engagement!

FAQs For Best Instagram Marketing Tools

How do I choose the best Instagram marketing tool for my business?

When choosing the best tool for your business, consider your goals and budget. Look for tools that offer features like scheduling, analytics, hashtag suggestions, and more. Check out my reviews above to help you make an informed decision.

Will using these marketing tools guarantee success?

While these marketing tools can help you manage and grow your presence on the platform, success ultimately depends on your strategy and content. These tools can make the process easier and more efficient, but they are not a guarantee of success.

What are the best marketing tools?

Some of my favorite tools include Pallyy for effective social media management and SocialPilot for agencies.

Wrapping Up

Note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are countless other Instagram marketing tools out there. The tools I have listed here are my favorites because of their user-friendliness, functionality, and effectiveness in boosting Instagram engagement and growth.

When you consider your competitors are probably using one or more of these tools, don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the game. Find the one that works best for you, and you will be able to create amazing content and grow your Instagram presence like a pro!

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