9 Best Rank Tracking Software 2023: Outrank Your Competition

Becoming the top-ranked business has never been more essential for success. So keep an eye on your progress and make sure that every effort is worth it with the best rank tracking software – stay ahead of competitors, measure growth trends, and maximize your profits.

Best Overall Choice

SE Ranking

Take your search engine optimization results to the next level with SE Ranking’s suite of innovative and effective marketing tools.

Best All In One SEO


Semrush is a complete digital marketing platform for anything from rank tracking and competitor research to content marketing and PPC.

Best For Beginners


SERPWatcher is the perfect entry point for your SEO journey, feature rich and budget friendly, this rank tracker will give you a competitive edge from day one.

It’s worth noting, according to the latest research, that the top three positions in Google’s organic search results receive 62.7% of clicks, with the top five accounting for 78.2%. That’s why SEO and keyword ranking are so crucial in making sure your content gets the visibility it deserves.

So first page is great, but just the start, you need top 3!

Using the right rank tracking tool is essential if you want to succeed with search engine optimization (SEO) and push your search engine rankings to the top of Google while saving yourself hours of time and frustration in the process.

Rank tracking helps you keep track of your site ranking in the SERPs, identifies potential problems, and tracks your progress over time, and most include Google Analytics integration.

Ranking high in search engine results pages is not easy without the right SERP tracking tools. A free or cheap SEO keyword rank tracking system can be helpful, but it won’t get you where you want to be. They tend to provide basic feedback, but the data is not as accurate, and the features will be minimal.

The cheapest rank tracker simply does not have the level of depth and customization needed to help you rank higher.

You need to regularly (at least monthly) optimize your website for SEO and track your target keywords. That’s where rank tracker tools come in handy. It’s one of the essential SEO reporting tools you should invest in and one of the main tools I use daily for my websites.

So if you’re serious about finding the right rank tracker tool, check out my list below.

What Is The Best Rank Tracking Software?

Check out my top selections for the best SEO rank tracking systems.

1. SE Ranking

Best overall and for accurate real-time keyword tracking

SE Ranking rank checker

SE Ranking is one of the best rank tracker tools on the market, which helps you track your keyword positions in the SERPs, identify potential problems, and track your progress.

It offers a complete set of SERP features, including a local and global keyword rank tracking service, accurate search volume, competitor analysis, site auditing, and backlink monitoring.

Its standout feature is that it tracks any search engine, location, and device with 100% accuracy. In addition, the audit feature can help you achieve a top-ten ranking, and the backlink analysis tool provides the reliable data you need to keep ahead of your competitors.

Another bonus is you can use your domain to provide your clients with a variant (white label) of the rank tracker that includes your branding.

Key Features/Benefits

SE Ranking Features

SE Ranking provides an all-in-one package with all the rank tracker tools you need to boost your SEO performance and rankings and find new opportunities to outrank your competition.

  • Backlink checker/monitor
  • Social media management
  • Keyword rank tracker/research
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Research
  • On-page SEO performance checker


SE Ranking Price Plans

SE Ranking offers a customized pricing structure depending on the length of time, the amount of usage, and the number of your target keywords.

You can choose from a one-month to a one-year subscription plan. The below prices are for a 3-day ranking check frequency and an annual subscription which attracts a 40% discount at the time of writing.

I have selected the main features below:

Essential: $31.26/month

  • 10 Projects
  • Total of 150,000 keyword checks
  • Max 35,000 website audit pages
  • Ability to monitor 5,000 backlinks

Pro: $69.76/month

  • Unlimited projects
  • Total of 600,000 keyword checks
  • Max 200,000 website audit pages
  • Ability to monitor 25,000 backlinks

Business: $152.96/month

  • Unlimited projects
  • Total of 1,500,000 keyword checks
  • Max 550,00 website audit pages
  • Ability to monitor 75,000 backlinks

What I like/dislike about SE Ranking:


  • One of the best daily rank tracking service
  • High-performing rank monitoring tool
  • Extremely accurate
  • Advanced web ranking tools
  • White labeling
  • All-in-one SEO suite


  • The pricing structure can be confusing
  • Amount of features can be overwhelming

My Take

SE Ranking is one of the most comprehensive and reliable SEO rank trackers that provides all the features necessary to succeed. Its accuracy and ease of setup make it an ideal choice for any website, from small businesses to large enterprises, making it one of the best rank tracking tools.

Get started with SE Ranking.


Check out my article on the best SEO audit tools: 7+ Best SEO Audit Tools To Maximize Your Performance

2. Semrush

Best choice for SEO professionals and digital marketers

Semrush Homepage

Semrush is a complete digital marketing platform for anything from SEO and competitor analysis to content marketing and site auditing tools.

It has a user-friendly interface, which is especially important for beginners to this SEO software.

When I am in my Semrush dashboard, the layout is clean and intuitive, making navigation a breeze, considering the number of features.

As it gets its data from search engines like Google, the results are accurate, and you can track keyword rankings from domains to URLs daily. This position targeting helps you optimize your targeting using precise information.

As well as rank position, the rank tracker tools help you find your competitor’s domains with the most paid and organic search traffic and keywords worldwide, including historical data.

The sensor feature is excellent for detecting possible algorithm changes and finding the reason for ranking loss, like broken links and pages.

Semrush is more than just a keyword tracking tool; its detailed reports help you gain valuable insight into your own organic and paid rankings and those of your competitors.

Key Features/Benefits

Semrush rank tracking page

The features I have listed above hardly scratch the surface of what this incredible software can do for you, but this review focuses on the keyword rank tracking tools in its armory for our purposes here.

  • Worldwide and local keyword rankings report
  • Competitive analysis references
  • Alerts to changes in Googles algorithm
  • Reliable and accurate SEO data
  • Daily rank tracking updates
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Mobile tracking


Semrush pricing page

Semrush has three main pricing plans to meet every user’s needs, from newbies to experienced digital marketers. It also has a free 7-day trial, and you can save 17% with annual billing.

Pro Plan: $119.95/month

  • Five projects
  • Tracking for 500 keywords
  • Max 10,000 results per report

Guru: $229.95/month

  • Fifteen projects
  • Tracking for 1,500 keywords
  • Max 30,000 results per report

Business: $449.95/month

  • Forty projects
  • Tracking for 5,000 keywords
  • Max 50,000 results per report

What I like/dislike about Semrush:


  • Well priced if you want to use all the features
  • Clean, intuitive layout
  • Huge keyword database
  • Reliable data you can trust
  • Accurate backing link checking
  • Mobile rank tracking


  • Need to pay for additional users
  • Expensive if you’re only looking for a rank tracking tool

My Take

Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that provides a comprehensive suite of rank tracker tools for SEO, PPC, and content marketing. The keyword tracker feature is highly accurate and reliable, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to use. With competitively priced plans, Semrush has something to offer everyone, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Get started with Semrush.

3. Wincher

Best budget keyword rank tracking software

Wincher home page

If you’re looking for reliable and accurate website ranker software, Wincher is the tool for you. It offers daily rank tracking updates, competitor tracking, and automated email reports to help you keep on top of your SEO game. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for beginners.

Keep an eye on your competitors to see their strategies to rank higher than you, check your keywords daily, and get real-time updates on your rankings so you can make changes as needed.

With Wincher, you can get weekly or monthly reports sent straight to your inbox to track your progress at a glance. This suite of SEO tools is a great fit for a small business or solo entrepreneur on a budget.

Key Features/Benefits

Wincher keyword page

On top of the above, Wincher has a great organize and collaborate feature, which helps you manage your websites into projects allowing specific access for clients and team members.

  • Great Value
  • Daily update reports and notifications
  • Good competitor and keyword analysis
  • Automated email reports
  • Unlimited users
  • Great overview
  • Automatic keyword recommendations
  • White-labeled reports


Wincher Pricing Page

Wincher offers three plans and a lot of value in its pricing with a 2 months free with annual billing.

Starter Plan: €39/month

  • 500 keywords
  • Ten websites

Business Plan: €74/month

  • 1000 keywords
  • Unlimited websites
  • On-demand ranking updates

Enterprise Plan: €289/month

  • 5000 keywords
  • All features from the Business plan, plus priority support

What I like/dislike about Wincher:


  • Affordable rank tracker
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • You can add multiple users for free on all plans
  • Customizable white-label reports


  • Lack of features compared to others

My Take

Wincher is a great URL rank tracking tool for small businesses and startups. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for beginners, while its advanced SEO tools provide powerful insights into your performance. With daily ranking updates, competitor tracking, and automated email reports, Wincher provides an affordable solution and qualifies as one of the cheapest SERP tracking tools on this list.

Get started with Wincher.

4. Mangools SERPWatcher

Best for beginners and daily updates

Mangools Serpwatcher my account

SERPWatcher by Mangools is a user-friendly keyword rank tracking tool I have used extensively. A clean, uncluttered user interface means you can get started right away.

You start to get your ranking information in as little as 30 seconds, just put in the domain, and you’re off!

Trusted by companies including Airbnb, Addidas, and Alexa, you know you’re in good hands, and it integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console.

When in my account, I find it’s easy to navigate, and it has all the information I need to hand without overcomplicating matters.

To help track your keyword positions, SERPWatcher will update you daily and alert you to any changes. In addition, you get ranking data for more than 50,000 locations, and both mobile and desktop search results are supported.

For keyword tracking made easy, this is a great rank tracking tool to get you started.

Key Features/Benefits

SERPTracker info page
  • Daily email alerts (even hourly)
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Rank tracking for 50,000 locations
  • Great for newbies and more advanced users
  • Interactive report sharing
  • Good keyword tool


Mangools Pricing Page

There are three main pricing structures and a 10-day free trial. Additionally, the prices shown here are for an annual payment, saving you 40% compared to monthly billing. Their competitive pricing means that Mangools is one the best-priced keyword rank checker tools.

Basic: $29.90

  • 100 keyword lookups/24 hours
  • 25 Competitor keywords
  • 200 Daily tracked keywords
  • 100,000 monthly backlink rows

Premium: $44.90

  • 500 keyword lookups/24 hours
  • Unlimited Competitor keywords
  • 700 Daily tracked keywords
  • 500,000 monthly backlink rows

Agency: $89.90

  • 1,200 keyword lookups/24 hours
  • Unlimited Competitor keywords
  • 1,500 Daily tracked keywords
  • 1,200,000 monthly backlink rows

What I like/dislike about SERPWatcher:


  • Beginner and user friendly
  • Great Google Search Console integration
  • Daily or even hourly updates
  • Affordably priced
  • A decent SEO tool for research


  • Not as advanced as others
  • No white-label options

My Take

A great choice for both beginners and more advanced users. It comes with a wide range of features, including daily email alerts (even hourly!), mobile and desktop-friendly ranking data, rank tracking for 50,000 locations, interactive report sharing, and SEO research tools.

With its budget-friendly pricing structure and free trial period, SERPWatcher is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides users with powerful keyword rank tracking capabilities.

Get started with SERPWatcher.

5. MOZ Pro Keyword Rank Checker

Best for agencies

Moz Pro keyword rank tracker page

Moz Pro is another popular SEO tracking software that helps improve search engine visibility. Known for its industry-leading SEO metrics, you’re in safe hands to get accurate keyword ranking data over a week, month, or any set range.

Moz’s rank tracking tool will provide you with keyword ranking data from all the main search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, with the ability to optimize for both mobile and desktop.

With high-level on-page optimization tools and a backlink assessment feature, you can help push your site to the top of the search engines.

Moz Pros keyword research tool will show you search volume and other metrics, and its advanced web ranking tools are second to none, which is why industry professionals highly regard it. It helps you to prioritize the keywords that matter to outrank the competition.

Key Features/Benefits

Moz Pro Features
  • Highly accurate keyword research
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Many free tools and tutorials
  • On-page optimization with content suggestions
  • Add your SEO ranking to a historical graph


Moz Pro Pricing

The prices below are for monthly billing, but you can save 20% by paying annually.

  • Standard Plan: $99/month
  • Medium Plan: $179/month
  • Large Plan: $299/month
  • Premium Plan: $509/month

What I like/dislike about Moz Pro:


  • Fantastic keyword research/explorer tools
  • Accurate metrics
  • Optimization and backlink analysis metrics
  • Great support


  • Expensive
  • Moz Local requires a separate subscription

My Take

Moz Pro is great for businesses looking to track and improve their search engine rankings. Its powerful rank tracker tools allow an in-depth overview of keyword performance, from ranking trends over time to visualization of competitors’ results.

By leveraging Moz Pro’s features, businesses can quickly identify new keywords and optimize their web pages to get ahead in the search rankings.

Get started with Moz Pro.

6. Authority Labs

Best for mobile keyword ranking data

Authority Labs Homepage

Authority Labs is a web-based, user-friendly keyword rank tracking solution, designed for businesses of all sizes. This platform allows users to track and monitor search engine rankings for their global and local targeted keywords across different search engines.

You have the ability to automate your mobile and local keyword tracking and receive daily reports. It also gives you unlimited users and individual logins. I like how they reveal all the keywords your visitors are using to find you, probably the most in-depth keyword tool for ranking I have come across.

Key Features/Benefits

Authority Labs Features
  • Accurate and Real-time Rank Tracking
  • Daily Data Updates
  • Allows you to track your keyword rankings in different locations
  • Great keyword feature which shows how users are finding you
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customizable white label reports that can be tailored to your specific needs


Authority Labs Pricing

AuthorityLabs offers four pricing tiers and 14-day free trials on all plans.

  • Plus Plan: $49/month – Track up to 250 keywords and 50 domains
  • Pro Plan: $99/month – Track up to 1,000 keywords and 100 domains
  • Pro Plus Plan: $225/month – Track up to 2,500 keywords and 300 domains
  • Enterprise Plan: $450/month – Track 5,000+ keywords and unlimited domains

What I like/dislike about Authority Labs


  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate ranking data
  • Daily keyword tracking data updates
  • Localization


  • For smaller businesses or individuals, the pricing may be a bit steep
  • AuthorityLabs primarily focuses on keyword rank tracking, and while it does it well, it lacks some additional features offered by other all-in-one SEO platforms

My Take

AuthorityLabs is a powerful and reliable keyword rank tracking solution that can help businesses improve their search engine visibility and drive organic traffic. With its user-friendly interface, accurate ranking data, and localization features, it is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a dedicated rank tracking tool.

However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive SEO platform with additional features, you may need to consider other options in the market, like SE Ranking or Semrush.

Get started with Authority Labs.

Try Authority Labs

7. Nightwatch

Best for local SEO

Nightwatch Rank Tracker Rank Page

Nightwatch is a decent all-round rank tracking provider, and great when used as a local rank tracker. It has an unrivaled amount of locations to track, over 100,000 and counting, so you can check your search engine ranking in granular detail at the ZIP code level.

I found the user experience to be one of the best, with a clean layout with all the information you need at your fingertips. The visual representation of your rankings and being able to easily see the progress of your keywords at a glance is really a plus.

It provides highly reliable and valid data, unlike many other trackers that retrieve the data from Google from their assigned data center, but from any Google data center in the world.

It allows you to link to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console for more in-depth insights. I like the fact it has daily, weekly, or monthly email reports that are easily customizable for clients based on their needs, which helps ensure they’re not overwhelmed by the information.

With Nightwatch, you can track your keywords in Google and other leading search engines.

The audit feature is a powerful tool that will help you identify broken links, internal links, load time, and much more. You can even compare past audits with your current ones to help you track your progress.

Key Features/Benefits

Nightwatch Rank Tracker Rank Page
  • Affordable entry-level pricing
  • Laser-targeting local keyword rank tracking data down to the Zip code level
  • Accurate data from any Google data center
  • Able to track 50 websites on the entry plan
  • Superior site audit feature
  • Great customization options


Nightwatch Pricing

Nightwatch has a new pricing structure based on usage, starting at $39/month for 250 tracked keywords and tracking for 50 websites. Check out their latest pricing structure.

They offer a 14-day free trial and a discount for annual billing.

What I like/dislike about Nightwatch:


  • I like the customizable features, from layout to reporting
  • Accurate and quality data from your chosen Google data center
  • Affordable entry level
  • Superb local SEO tracking for local businesses
  • Detailed audit feature for higher ranking in the SERPs
  • Exceptional live chat support


  • Pricing based on usage
  • No mobile app (at the time of writing)

My Take

Nightwatch.io is an excellent keyword rank monitoring tool that helps businesses analyze and improve their SEO performance. With detailed reports, customizable features, and a user-friendly interface, Nightwatch makes it easier for businesses to optimize their websites and get better results.

Get started with Nightwatch.

8. SEO PowerSuite

Best budget all-in-one tool

SEO Power Suite Software Homepage

If you’re looking for a one-stop SEO shop, look no further than SEO PowerSuite. This comprehensive suite of tools contains everything you need to optimize your website and rank higher on Google.

This software is available as a download to your computer, and as they don’t have to pay high expenses for servers and processing, they can offer more affordable rates to you.

With over two million users, including IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, you can be sure this is a quality and trusted company.

With tools for keyword research, SEO analysis, backlinks checking, and more, SEO PowerSuite can help you achieve your SEO goals.

One of the best things about this software tool is its intuitive interface. Even novice users can get up and running with this software in no time. And for experienced SEOs, there are plenty of pro-level features to explore.

One stand-out feature I like is the link assistant, which includes tools for your outreach efforts. Not only does it automatically help you find links, but it also has tools to help you send and track your guest post emails and a link verification tool to show you links that are no longer valid or changed to no-follow, for example.

Advanced and customizable rank tracking is at the core of this suite of tools, and you can track an unlimited number of keywords and SERP positions. Local SEO is catered for, too, with geo-specific tracking.

Tracking competitors is a breeze, and the keyword insights are a welcome feature. Custom SEO reports are great for clients and are also available as white-label.

Key Features/Benefits

SEO PowerSuite software Features
  • Unlimited keyword and SERP tracking program
  • All-in-one SEO toolkit with everything you need to rank higher
  • Intuitive interface for easy use
  • Advanced features for experienced SEOs
  • Link assistant with outreach tools
  • Available in free and paid versions


SEO PowerSuite Pricing

SEO PowerSuite is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is very generous and great for testing the software.

The paid version starts with the professional plan for $299/year for a single user, while the Enterprise plan costs $499/year.

What I like/dislike about SEO PowerSuite:


  • Unlimited keywords and one of the best SERP tracking programs
  • One-stop shop for all your SEO needs
  • Support for over 300 search engines
  • Intuitive interface
  • Advanced features
  • Link assistant with outreach tools


  • Personally, I’m not too fond of the fact you have to download it, as the speed can depend on the laptop or desktop you are using
  • No monthly billing options make it less affordable for many

My Take

The intuitive UI and wealth of pro-level features make SEO PowerSuite perfect for both newbies and experienced SEOs. So if you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO solution, this rank tracking tool is definitely worth considering.

Get started with SEO PowerSuite.

9. Ranktracker

Best for variety of features and ease of use

Ranktracker Homepage

Researching keywords, tracking rankings, and analyzing competition around a keyword can be overwhelming. With Ranktracker, businesses have access to a single but powerful platform that harnesses global data sources and helps you stay ahead of the game in SEO.

Whether a startup or an established business, you can use Ranktracker’s tools to gain more precise insights and optimize your SEO from planning to problem-solving.

Using Ranktracker, businesses can track their search result rankings for chosen keywords and their position compared to competitor sites. Additionally, you can filter data by device type and geographic location, allowing you to better visualize your site’s rank for specific searches.

All this data can help you make informed decisions about optimizing your SEO efforts and getting more traffic from searches.

Ranktracker also offers specific tools like Keyword Finder, Web Audit, Backlink Monitor, Visibility metric, and SERP Checker that provide even more detailed information about keywords and their performance. These tools offer rich insights that allow businesses to quickly identify new opportunities while continuously monitoring the competitive landscape.

Key Features/Benefits

Ranktracker Features
  • An easy-to-use platform to track keyword performance and website ranking
  • Comprehensive data on global, regional, and local search results
  • Ability to filter data by device type and geographic location
  • Keyword Finder tool for in-depth insights into keywords and their performance
  • SERP Checker tool for monitoring the competitive landscape
  • Continuous updates on changes in keyword performance and website ranking positions
  • In-depth site-wide Web Audit Feature


Ranktracker Pricing

Ranktracker has four main pricing bands and currently offers a 25% discount for the yearly plans. The prices below are for a monthly subscription.

Starter: $24/month

Double Data: $59/month

Quad Data: $109/month

Hex Data: $209/month

What I like/dislike about Ranktracker:


  • A complete suite of tools
  • Easy To Use
  • Accurate Data
  • Detailed SEO Report


  • It can sometimes be slow to load
  • The Backlink Checker can be buggy at times

My Take

Overall, Ranktracker is a decent tool for businesses of all sizes who want to maximize their SEO.

Its robust set of features provides critical data points on keyword performance, website ranking positions, and competitors’ strategies so that users can make informed decisions about overall site optimization strategy.

With its easy-to-use interface, Ranktracker makes it simple to track changes in keyword performance over time and develop customized plans for long-term success.

If you’re looking for a rank tracker alternative, I would highly recommend SE Ranking.

What Is Rank Tracking Software?

Any good SEO campaign relies on being able to track and monitor your progress. This is where keyword rank tracking comes in handy. This software allows you to see how your keywords perform in major search engines over time. This data is essential for understanding whether your SEO strategies are working or not.

There are several different features that can be useful in even the newest rank checking tools. For example, some software will allow you to track your target keywords across multiple search engines.

This is important because it can help you identify which search engines provide the most value for your SEO efforts. Other software may allow you to track the position of your keywords over time. This data can be valuable for understanding how your keywords are trending.

There are a number of benefits to using a ranking tool. First, it can save time by automatically gathering data you would otherwise need to collect manually.

Second, it can help you identify which keywords are performing well and which need more work. Third, it can help you understand trends over time to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Rank-tracking tools are essential for any serious SEO campaign. If you’re not already using one, then you should consider doing so. It will save you a lot of time and effort and provide valuable insights, as you can now see from my rank tracking tips!


When looking for this type of software, you should consider the following factors:

First, you should look for accurate software that provides reliable data. This is essential for ensuring that your SEO and content creation efforts are effective.

Second, you should look for software that is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface. This will make it easier to track your progress over time.

Third, you should look for software that offers a wide range of features. This will allow you to track your progress in a variety of different ways, including your link-building efforts, to help you succeed in the long term.

Fourth, you should look for affordable software that offers good value for your money.

Finally, it would help if you read reviews from other users to get an idea of what others think about the software.

My vote goes to SE Ranking as the most proficient tool that covers all the bases and has exceptionally accurate data.

Keyword tracking is vital because it allows you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

By tracking your progress over time, you can determine which keywords are working well and which ones need more work, so keyword tracking platforms are essential.

This information is essential for all online businesses to optimize their SEO campaigns and improve their keyword rankings in the main search engines.

Rank tracking is a key metric for SEO professionals, and the cost of rank tracking services varies depending on the platforms and methods used.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from free up to $100 per month for quality rank-tracking services.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many excellent rank tracking software options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for beginner-friendly tools or something more advanced, there’s definitely a tool out there that will fit your needs.

And with prices starting at just $29.90/month, it’s easier than ever to get started improving your SEO ranking today.

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