The Best Place To Sell Domains: Top 5 Platforms For 2023

Are you looking to sell your domain and want to maximize your returns and ensure you have a secure platform to manage your investments?

As a website owner with multiple sites, I’ve had my fair share of experience dealing with buying and selling domains. In this blog post, I will provide an overview of the top platforms for selling domains to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Best Place To Sell Domains

Domain selling is the process of offering domain names for sale by the original owner or a third-party agent. There are many reasons why sellers might want to sell their domains, such as realizing a profit from domain flipping, no longer needing the domain, or as part of a business strategy.

In any case, choosing the right platform for selling your domain is crucial for maximizing your chances of a successful sale.

The Best Place To Sell Domains

1. Flippa

Flippa Homepage


Flippa is a popular domain marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains, and apps, and my top pick. Founded in 2009, the platform has evolved into one of the leading online marketplaces for digital assets, facilitating over $250 million in transactions.

With over 600,000 buyers and investors, from individuals to companies to private equity and venture capital firms, Flippa provides a trusted platform for entrepreneurs to quickly list their digital assets and generate offers.

Although it offers complete businesses for sale, like ecommerce and blogging, it’s still one of the best sites to sell domain names.

Key Features and Benefits

Flippa Selling Domains
  • Easy to use: Flippa has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to buy or sell digital assets with ease
  • Managed by Flippa’s team of professionals helps sellers manage their premium domain name sales and close the deal quickly
  • Accessibility: With over 600,000 buyers and investors worldwide, Flippa provides access to a global network of potential buyers
  • Trustworthy: With customer reviews averaging 4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, Flippa is a trusted platform for entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell digital assets
  • Variety: With over $41 million worth of digital assets listed on the site each month, there is something for everyone on Flippa


Flippa Pricing

Flippa has a sliding commission scale when you sell, and they offer listings packages to help you sell. Click for the latest pricing.

For example, selling a business for $9,999 – $49,999, there is a 10% success fee (a fancy way of saying commission!) and a choice of packages to increase your exposure to buyers:

Standard: $40

Premium: $399

Ultimate: $499



  • Quick & easy transactions
  • Comprehensive sales statistics and performance tracking
  • The fees associated with using the platform are relatively low compared to other marketplaces
  • A supportive community of experienced members


  • Listing fees and commission fees
  • High competition among sellers

My Take

Flippa is a great marketplace for buying and selling domains, websites, and even mobile apps. Its large user base and versatile, intuitive interface makes it an ideal platform for both buyers and sellers.

Get started with Flippa.

2. Sedo

Sedo Homepage


Sedo, which stands“for “Search Engine for Domain Offers,” is a global domain marketplace and monetization provider. With over 19 million listed domains and over 2 million customers, Sedo is a leading platform for selling current and expired domains, selling online businesses, and digital marketing services.

It offers a wide range of services for buyers, sellers, and developers and valuable information about the domain market.

Sedo provides listing services to help buyers find their ideal domain names, auction services to allow sellers to maximize their return on investment, and domain broker services for those who need help increasing their domain portfolio.

Key Features and Benefits

Sedo Features
  • Simple and secure transactions: The platform provides a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers to make transactions without any hassle
  • Premium domain names: Great brokerage service for expensive domains
  • One of the largest domain marketplaces: With over 19 million listed domains, it’s one of the largest trade platforms for Internet addresses
  • Domain promotion: Sedo MLS & Showcases help sellers to promote their domains on the marketplace and attract more buyers quickly at the right price
  • Price list: The platform provides a price list for both buyers and sellers, which makes it easier to determine the value of a domain name before making a purchase or sale decision.
  • Domain parking service: You can monetize unsold domains with packages to suit all price levels


Sedo Domain Services Pricing

Too many options to list here, so check out their pricing page.

They also offer free domain registration and domain parking, and various packages for their high-end brokerage services.



  • Various selling options, including auctions, fixed-price listings, and negotiations
  • Professional domain brokerage service available
  • Secure transactions with their transfer service


  • Listing domains can be expensive due to higher commission fees
  • Customer service is sometimes slow to respond

My Take

Sedo is an excellent platform for buying, selling, or parking domains due to its simple user interface, secure transactions, variety of options available, and free-of-charge services. It has some drawbacks, such as limited customer support, which can sometimes be on the slow side.

Get started with Sedo.

3. GoDaddy Auctions


GoDaddy Homepage

GoDaddy Marketplace, which operates as GoDaddy Auctions, is a popular platform for buying and selling domain names. As the world’s largest domain registration platform, it provides a popular marketplace that connects domain sellers with millions of potential buyers. The platform offers various listing options, including auction-style and fixed-price listings, ensuring a user-friendly experience for sellers and buyers.

Key Features and Benefits

GoDaddy Domain Selling Features
  • Vast buyer pool: As the largest domain registrar, they have a massive user base, increasing your chances of selling your domain quickly.
  • Variety of listing options: Auction-style, offer/counter-offer, and buy-now listings, providing flexibility for sellers.
  • Domain appraisal services: Domain appraisal services help sellers determine the appropriate value for their domains.
  • Integration with GoDaddy domain management tools: if you’re already a GoDaddy user, you can seamlessly manage your domain sales within your account.
  • Secure transactions: A secure platform for domain transactions, ensuring buyer and seller protection.


GoDaddy Commission Pricing

When your domain is sold, you pay a commission of 15% – 25%, depending on where the domain name servers are pointing to. There is also a minimum charge of $15.

Check the latest GoDaddy pricing.



  • High visibility for domain listings
  • User-friendly platform, easy for beginners
  • Affordable annual membership fee
  • Good 24/7 customer support


  • Commission fees apply to successful sales
  • Limited to domain sales, unlike Flippa and Sedo

My Take

GoDaddy Auctions is a reliable and probably the most well-known platform for domain name selling. It has an extensive buyer pool, various listing options, and integrated GoDaddy tools to simplify the process.

Get started with GoDaddy Auctions.

4. Namecheap Marketplace

Namecheap Marketplace Home


Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar operating a domain marketplace for buying and selling domain names. The platform is designed to facilitate secure and straightforward domain transactions among its user base.

Key Features and Benefits

Namecheap Auctions
  • Simple listing process: Adding domains to the Namecheap Marketplace is easy, streamlining the selling process
  • Secure domain transfer services: Namecheap ensures secure domain transfers between buyers and sellers, providing peace of mind during transactions
  • Integration with Namecheap domain management tools: For existing Namecheap customers, the platform integrates seamlessly with domain management tools, making it convenient to manage your sales
  • Low commission fee: Namecheap Marketplace charges a low commission fee of 10% on successful sales, making it an affordable option for sellers
  • User-friendly interface: The platform’s interface is designed for simplicity, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their domain listings


Namecheap Commission

Namecheap commission is set at a flat fee of 10%, nice and simple for once!



  • Easy and secure platform for buying and selling domains
  • Low fees compared to other marketplaces
  • Fast payment processing
  • Great customer support


  • Limited to Namecheap customers
  • Smaller user base compared to other platforms
  • Limited features and tools for domain sellers

My Take

Namecheap Marketplace is a decent domain platform for buying and selling domain names at auctions. It’s easy to use, secure and has low fees compared to other domain marketplaces. Although not in the same league as the others, it’s an affordable option if you already have Namecheap accounts and want to sell your domain.

Get started with Namecheap Marketplace.

5. Afternic

Afternic Homepage


Afternic, a subsidiary of GoDaddy, is a premium domain marketplace specializing in buying and selling domain names. With over 5 million premium domains listed, Afternic offers an extensive network for domain sales.

Key Features and Benefits

Afternic Features For Selling Domain
  • An extensive network of premium domain buyers: Afternic has a large buyer base, increasing the chances of selling your domain at a competitive price
  • Domain appraisal services: Helping sellers determine the appropriate value for their domains
  • Integration with domain registrars: They partner with numerous domain registrars to facilitate smooth domain transfers, ensuring a seamless selling experience
  • Secure escrow and payment processing: Secure transactions through its escrow and payment processing services, protecting both buyers and seller


Afternic Domain Fees

The pricing and fees associated with selling domains on Afternic vary depending on what type of domain you’re selling, how much it’s worth, and which domain they’re pointing to.

Check the latest pricing.

The base fee is $15 minimum per domain plus a commission fee based on the final sales price with sales commission between 15%-25%.

There are also additional fees associated with premium listings or featured listings, which can increase costs further.



  • An extensive network of buyers
  • Domain appraisal services
  • Secure escrow and payment processing


  • The interface could do with updating
  • Commission fees range from 10% to 20%, depending on the sale price
  • The listing process can be somewhat complicated for beginners
  •  Limited customer service options

My Take

Afternic is a decent enough platform if you’re looking sell domain names, as it offers an extensive network of buyers, secure escrow services, and appraisal services. The commission fees may be higher than other platforms, but the extensive buyer base makes up for this somewhat. A rather average experience, but I wanted to list it here as a comparison to the others.

Get started with Afternic


1. Is domain selling still profitable?

Yes, domain selling can still be profitable, especially if you invest in high-quality domains with strong potential demand.

The domain market has evolved over the years, and while it may be more competitive now, there are still opportunities to make a profit.

Successful domain sellers often have a good understanding of market trends, consumer needs, and the value of specific domain names. By carefully selecting and marketing your domains, you can profit from the domain selling market.

2. Do GoDaddy domains actually sell?

Yes, GoDaddy domains do sell. GoDaddy Auctions, the marketplace for buying and selling domains, has a large user base and a wide variety of domain names available for sale.

3. Is flipping domains legit?

Yes, domain flipping is a legitimate business practice! Many domain investors and entrepreneurs successfully profit from this type of business.

4. How do I find out how much my domain is worth?

I use online domain appraisal tools like EstiBot, GoDaddy Domain Appraisal, and Sedo’s domain valuation service. They can provide an estimated value based on various factors, such as domain age, keyword popularity, and search volume. None of these are that accurate, really; they just give you a very rough idea.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, my take on the best place to sell domains, and I hope you now have a better idea of where to sell and how to go about selling them.

Choosing the best place to sell domains depends on your specific needs and preferences. Each platform has its unique benefits, which should be considered carefully before making a decision.

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