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Hi, my name is Ric Hawkins, and welcome to my blog 🙂

Throughout my working life, I have always had a side hustle/business, whether online or offline! I have owned franchises, run online businesses, become proficient at day/sports trading, and worked in the real estate, finance, and investment sectors.

A little about me…

Ric Hawkins aged about five
The less said, the better!

I grew up in a working-class household with a single mom who was often out working to keep a roof over our heads, which was admirable. I realize how tough it can be and am thankful for her sacrifices. When I was around nine, I was told I was adopted and used to tell kids at the school I had two dads and two moms, which didn’t always end well!

As an adopted person, I think it can leave you with a sense of insecurity, and realize that everything is up to you, a sense of heightened awareness if you like. I think this has helped me push harder, have something that’s my own, and not rely solely on working for others.

I found both my biological parents in my 20s and 40s, and have a good relationship with them, which helped me to understand where I came from and, in a sense, who I was.

Ric Hawkins and his birth parents in a restaurant.
My natural parents and me together for the first time

From around the age of seventeen,  I have been a musician and vocalist, always trying to be a rock star! Alas, that was not to be, but I still write songs (with my brother) and sing, and you never know, one day, it could still happen!

I have also enjoyed acting, appearing in commercials and films, and doing voice-over work.

I have been involved with many businesses, and while not all were successful, the lessons learned were many. That’s the key; as you may often read, there are no real mistakes, just learning opportunities.

In the early to mid-2000s, I ran a successful online affiliate business selling over $750K of products and earning great ongoing commissions. Through the years, it was hit by Google algorithm changes and lost momentum, and I decided to move on and try something new.

Around 2007 I met my partner and had two gorgeous boys (well, I’m biased, of course!), and I decided to become a full-time dad.

Me and mychildren
Me & my boys

The Return To Online Business

As time went by, I started to think again about the passive income model that an online business could generate and did generate for me in the past, so I decided it was time to put my past experience to use and get updated on the latest cutting-edge tools and methods.

Picture of me at a meeting.
Taking a break between meetings

Today’s landscape, both in business and at home, is fast becoming dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) as it gathers pace and reaches a point that really can influence our lives for the better.

I am fascinated by the many superb AI tools, like Jasper, an AI copywriting software tool that can actually write for you even better than many humans can. AI speech software is now at a humanlike level.

In the online business world, getting to grips with the latest SEO, content, and marketing techniques, I’ve learned to test and pivot to what is currently working and minimize those nasty surprises the constant Google algorithm updates can have.

In addition, as a former financial advisor, I also cover investing, insurance, and trading, especially with AI trading platforms on the rise, helping to analyze data faster and find trends more easily.

Investment can be a great source of passive income, especially precious metals, and I have experience in this area from working in the industry and from my personal investments.

Multiple income streams are among the best ways to have a more secure and growing income. Yes, it takes time to build, and you will hit roadblocks, but as long as you have the desire to succeed, you can push through and create the life you want to live.

This blog is a work in progress, as all blogs should be, and will adapt and evolve over time. I have a wealth of experience in this area, and my blog is a place to learn about the latest strategies, tactics, and tools you need to help you succeed and live your own life on your own terms.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my story 🙂

Best wishes,


If you want to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you; email me at this address: info@richawkins.com